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Classes are structured in a periodized way that fits with most coach's training plans and are largely driven by heart rate and power metrics. Data is displayed on a large projection screen for the athlete to easily see riding heads up like outside, and for the instructor to monitor performance. Below the performance data is another large screen showing videos from current cycling races, or previous years when some specific race or stage relates well to the class profile and purpose that day.​

Bikes are fully adjustable for a perfect fit, have a realistic road bike feel, and are equipped with most common clip-in pedal types; Look Keo, Shimano SL (road), or Shimano SPD (Mtb). Our bikes, like outside bikes, are designed with "free hubs" which allow you to quit pedaling while the bike's flywheel is turning, in other words "coast". Virtually all other spin bikes are "fixies" which don't function like a real bicycle. Our bikes physically reinforce a good and complete pedal stroke.

What to Bring: Athletes are expected to have ANT+ Heartrate straps (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) and to bring their own bike shoes, We don't support "flat pedals" for riding with street shoes.

Class Schedule

Monday - Friday: 6am, 8am, Noon

Saturdays (Nov - March): 6 - 8am,  9 - 11am


MONDAY & TUESDAY classes are strength/power/tempo profiles emphasizing power development through functional muscle strength building and VO2 improvements

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY classes are interval profiles emphasizing LT/metabolic improvement, lactic acid tolerance and anaerobic capacity as well as fast twitch functional strength building

SATURDAY classes incorporate both elements in a ride replacement profile

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