ATS PainCave Re-Opening Details

Phase 2 Service Update Details Below!


  • Facility access is restriced to new but temporary class hours only

  • Class hours have been adjusted to 6am, 8am, and Noon, every day which will allow for adequate cleaning between classes.  (No 5am classes, but 8am every weekday)


  • Seating in common areas has been limited to encourage social distancing. 

  • Seating will only be available before class to limit contact with sweat covered customers.

  • Bike station layout has been adjusted to maintain ~10 feet of distance between bikes, exceeding the six feet recommended by the CDC.  Each bike has a fan in fixed position so no fan's airflow reaches another bike. Each station can accomodate one kickr as well. Only one person per station riding either a kickr or a spin bike

  • Class size has been limited to nine riders as a result of this new arrangement


  • Members will need to sign-up for class in advance.  Sign-up will be required for entry.

  • Members will be screened for illness upon entry including temperature checks and questions regarding COVID-19 Symptoms - Please see "Protection Guidelines" for details

  • Member are required to wear a face covering when not on the bike. You may remove the mask only during exercise. Gloves & face masks will be offered upon check-in. Gloves are required in the strength workout area.

  • One volunteer per class is needed to assist with cleaning after the class.  This will require no more than 15 min after each class to help break down and clean bikes.  Necessary PPE (Gloves, mask (optional, etc.) will be provided.


​Changes effective on Monday, 9/28

  • Showers are open! members will need to spray down shower interior before exiting the changing room

  • Towels will be provided upon request (ask instructor); If you borrow a towel, you will be required to place it in the washing machine yourself

  • Water & Ice dispensers are open!

Restrictions still in effect

  • Exercise mats will not be provided; please bring your own mats for stretching

  • Shoes must be taken home and cannot not left on the shelf in the PainCave

  • Loaner heartrate monitors will not be provided; we will have unopened monitors available for purchase

  • Water bottles are not available to be loaned, cannot be left in the PainCave after class

  • Gloves must be worn lifting in the weight/strength training area. Disposable gloves will be provided.

    Please bring and store your equipment in a small gym bag. Nothing can be stored at the PainCave.


  • Professional cleaners will be cleaning ATS prior to (re)opening

  • Regular cleaning will occur every other weekend by ATS staff or volunteers

  • Instructors and a volunteer will conduct regular (after every class) disinfecting of bikes and other high-touch surfaces, equipment and common areas of the facility using disinfectant cleaning supplies.  More specifically,

    • Wiping and breaking down all bikes used in the class

    • Cleaning touch surfaces including fan knobs, door handles, fixtures (faucets knobs), changing room chairs, and the commode seat.

    • 1x per day cleaning of common surface areas


Safety is TOP priority: If we are unable to enforce adequate social distancing or ensure staffing and support is sufficient to enable our enhanced monitoring and cleaning measures we may cancel classes or re-adjust the schedule accordingly.